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Головна » 2010 » March » 16 » Nokia Eco Sensor: new Finnish concept
Nokia Eco Sensor: new Finnish concept
 Nokia Eco Sensor
Nokia Eco Sensor - environmental concept, developed by enthusiasts from the Nokia Research Center. It consists of two parts: a tiny mobile phone and monitoring devices in the form of enhancement, which can be worn on the hand, or in other parts of the body.

Telephone, for that matter, and a second device, characterized by very small dimensions. According to engineers, it is so small as possible. That is, for its production requires a minimum of materials. Meanwhile, the greatest interest is the second part of the concept, namely, the monitoring device. It can be worn on the arm as a bracelet, powered by a built-in solar panels and it collects information from the environment (this may be the air temperature, humidity, etc.), but also captures the heart rate, body temperature and other indicators of an organism Users . These data via NFC or RFID sent to your mobile phone, which can be processed or sent to a social network of hundreds of owners around the world.

The phone itself - as alleged - consumes far less electricity than current models. To do this, it is a special display. In contrast to the modern mobile phones with LCD or OLED-screen, it uses oil display. The magnitude of the applied voltage deforms the particles of oil, which are the pixels. In this case, the screen displays only the necessary information - that which is needed.

Finally, with regard to the data-acquisition devices. It may contain a variety of sensors, and what - the user himself has the right to choose at the time of purchase to avoid paying more and not be too much. On the realization of the concept were reported.

Nokia Eco Sensor
Nokia Eco Sensor

As we have recently introduced the Nokia 3110 Evolve, mobile phone, more than half made of material to be recycled.
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Salut, alors voila j ai une puce 3G de maroc telecom et je sais vriemant pas comment faire pour naviguer avec la 3G.. Vous pouvez m aider ? on me met donne9es par paquet non disponibles , c est normal?

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